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CLICK HERE to read Etsy Customer Feedback.

"I got a custom fascinator for my girlfriend for Christmas, and I'm pretty sure that's why she fell in love with me."

One of my favorite pieces {Oh Deer Fascinator}! I finally purchased one for my niece who begs to try on mine. Lovely packaging and thank you so much for the pretty barrettes! Seller is an excellent communicator.

"A positive rating is completely inadequate - there should be a category for uber-fantastique! This item {black raven headband} is amazingly cool and so well done with attention to detail and use of first-class materials. Not too creepy but not overly cutesy - the perfect balance. Super friendly seller and excellent packaging to protect the headpiece. Thanks so much - makes me wish Halloween was everyday!

"I just got my headband and I'm in LOVE! I have been stalking Prettygoodthings' page waiting for this headband {Oh Deer Fascinator} to come back and I'm so glad I did! The quality is top notch and it arrived wicked fast! I plan on wearing "Alice" (name for my deer) to my wedding reception. Thanks so much!!!"

"This headband {bun-bun 3.0} is great with any outfit if you are goin' out with your girls at night in the citay or in the daytime and how do I know this? Because i have one ;)"

"A head turning piece! Adorable & comfortable... I'd have forgotten I was wearing it {Oh Deer Fascinator} if it weren't for all the stares & comments!"

"PGT worked so well with me on this {custom headpiece}. I only had a vague idea of the color scheme I wanted and I got great advice and guidance. Trust PGT's creative input and you will get gorgeous results every time. Simply beautiful!!"