♥ Hi there! My name is Mary P. and I am the resident milliner, owner and everything in between at Pretty Good Things.

I believe in making pretty, good hats, fascinators and do-dads for awesome individuals. I design and lovingly handcraft each and every accessory to make sure what you wear has a soul!

The carefully crafted hats, fascinators and hair do-dads are influenced by current trends (because PGT is with it), sequns, glitter and a dash of playful nonsense (you know here and there) and shake it together with class and tradition (because PGT ain't no hussy)!

I believe the ladies who have the most fun in life are charismatic, love to laugh and never shy away from color.

I believe style is about having fun & being confident with who you are and what you wear. (Own it. Go big or go home. Amirightoramiright?)

I believe you can wear a sassy hat out on the town (or in the privacy of her own home while dancing to Prince and answering emails).

I think the Pretty Good Things gal is independent, smart, sassy, no-nonsense and beautifully unique inside and out.

Questions? send me a email!

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Your friend,
Mary P.

P.S. Stay awesome.